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Keeping Faithful Between Times

Keeping Faithful Between Times is filled with scripture, prayer, testimony and extraordinary insight, designed to be a source
of daily comfort and strength to any person in any circumstance.

Katherine presents her personal testimony and life-giving, thought provoking scriptures and prayers that carried her through three difficult years.

Betty wrote: The first thing I noticed, looking at the cover, was the light pouring through the trees. We go through times that are dark and difficult but God always allows His light to shine through the darkness if we let Him, and it usually comes at times when we really need it, even a small amount of light to encourage us and light our way before we give up.  It doesn't come in full force most of the time.

Life can be very difficult. KEEPING FAITHFUL BETWEEN TIMES has given me new insight in the power of the Word. I am encouraged to believe that God and I are in this together and it will be all right.
Thank you Katherine! I found this book inspiring. I am being renewed.

Alice wrote: The simplicity of its layout lets one follow through the pages at their own pace, absorbing truth and hope from the scriptures. And I love the prayers for help, seeking God's fatherly love for His hurting child. Just as a child would cry "I want Daddy", we cry "Jesus, help".

This is a wonderful gift book for someone in the hospital, going through a divorce, struggling with sickness or any other battle.

84 pages - pocket size - 3” X 5”


The Obedience of FaithTHE OBEDIENCE OF FAITH is a collection of practical, Bible-based teachings that
Katherine has developed over the years to address her clients' faith questions, written to help the reader grow in authentic faith.

The teachings are placed in this book according to the order of a person’s spiritual faith development. The reader will benefit and gain spiritual strength from each teaching whether read in the order presented — including  responding to the chapter work sheets located in the Appendix — or read out of sequence.

No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, this book was written to meet you at your point of spiritual need.

Arthelene Rippy, Producer and Host of Homekeepers Television Ministry, Clearwater, Florida, writes:

“In today's culture, the word 'faith' has been watered down to a place where its true meaning is difficult to grasp. In this, her latest book, THE OBEDIENCE OF FAITH, Katherine Degenhardt points her readers to the only belief system where 'faith' can be placed with rock solid confidence.

Available on Amazon.comThe strength of this book is the way Katherine 'marries' obedience to faith. You just can't have one without the other. I seriously doubt that you can be the same after you finish reading this instructive book."

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A CD that will help you grow in authentic faith!


(Excerpts from Katherine Degenhardt’s book of the same title)







Foreword by Arthelene Rippy - Suggested prayer -
A Personal Note from Katherine

One Client’s Story - Who Are You – Spirituality -
Counterfeit Spirituality - There are Two Kingdoms -
Explanation of the Christian Faith - You Get to Choose

Heart-Wounds – Sin – Addiction – Perfectionism –
Distractions - Unhealthy Relationships - Counterfeit Love -
Resentment — Unforgiveness - God’s Restorative Answer

Katherine’s Story – Foundations - Think Back

What is the Work of God - Biblical Principles -
Thoughts On Discernment - Decision Making Guide

How Do People Grow - Time and Seasons – Prayer –
Faith – Obedience

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“Article of Faith” written and performed by Bryan Cumming









HEALING THE HEART Counseling Workbook $17.00

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Designed for individuals at all levels of emotional and spiritual development. A counseling workbook for the brokenhearted which provides necessary learning essential to heart healing. It defines heart health and heart wounding from a Biblical perspective. What does a hurt heart look like? How does the heart heal? What if those who hurt you are no longer living? HEALING THE HEART answers these questions. It will help you identify why you hurt and where your pain originates.

Divided into three sections, Parts One and Two encourage personal insights, uncover feelings, explore Biblical truths, and serve as preparation for Part Three which is dedicated to God's heart-restoring process. Seven principles essential to heart healing are presented. These tested principles will help readers in every area of their lives. Step-by-step, this book walks the reader through the heart-healing process.

MONICA SCHMELTER, General Manager, WHTN TV-39, Nashville, TN, says:

"I am thankful for Katherine's obedience to God to write this book. HEALING THE HEART is a tremendous tool for the brokenhearted. In everything from the reading, to the prayers, to the workbook exercises, I sensed the anointing of the Holy Spirit. We all have our questions - our issues - and our baggage from the past. This counseling workbook for the brokenhearted brought true healing to my heart. Far from a self-help book, HEALING THE HEART is an answer to prayer and a tool to help the brokenhearted mend, learn, and grow."

One Woman's Testimony

"I want to say thank you again because your book, HEALING THE HEART, helped me so much - not only at the time that I read it, but it continues to help. Your book helped me get to the place of seriously recognizing my need to face some issues in my life. It gave me the courage and words to understand what I was facing. Before reading your book I just had no idea of why I felt like I did. I had no idea why I could help others and yet feel so helpless in some of my own situations."

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Designed for non-professionals, as well as professionals.

This guide contains twenty-two outlines for two-hour-long teaching/counseling sessions.

An adjunct to HEALING THE HEART counseling workbook

• Is designed to promote personal and spiritual growth and healing.

• Is a powerful aid in preparing and facilitating Healing The Heart teaching/counseling sessions.

• Is suggestive in nature — it may be adapted and adjusted to fit specific needs and situations.

• Can be utilized in many different settings, including church school classes, small
study-sharing groups, retreats and one-on-one mentoring.


BREAKING FAMILY ADDICTIONS Counseling Workbook $17.00

Designed for counselor and counselee. A resource widely used by counselors with clients who have all forms of addictions. A comprehensive book of hope and healing designed to lead the counselor and counselee through a step-by-step process to freedom from bondage and addiction. Includes a group leader's guide.

It directs individuals to the ultimate source of healing - God. Topics covered: breaking through denial, understanding the rules and roles of addicted families, how to communicate hope to those "stuck" in destructive life-styles, and helping others find spiritual and emotional freedom.

DON FINTO, former pastor of Belmont Church, Nashville, TN, author of two Regal books about God’s Covenant Promises to Israel and the nations says:

"Katherine's book will help you change your life. BREAKING FAMILY ADDICTIONS is a manual on breaking addictions, a workbook for the person who is serious about getting healed, and a guide for leaders who want to help our wounded generation."

PRAYING GOD'S PROMISES Devotional Guide $9.00

Designed for all age groups. A simple devotional book centered on God's Word. A 90-day devotional/prayer guide, developed out of a need to encourage and strengthenindividuals through the goodness of God's Word. It presents Scripture promises, anexample of praying that Scripture promise back to God,and space to journal thoughts, feelings, and personal insights each day.

Available on Amazon.com

Jim (James) W. Goll, author and cofounder of Encounters Network - a ministry to the nations writes:

"Scripture promises coupled with corresponding prayers will result in effective change. It is my joy to commend this prayer manual to you. May the comforting, cleansing and delivering work of Jesus Christ be made complete in your life as you pray the promises back to God."

IMPRESSIONS Journal $9.95

A practical spiral-bound journal designed to provide hope and encouragement to individuals as they begin the practice of writing down their thoughts, feelings, and ideas from the heart.

Journaling helps clarify thoughts, feelings and impressions and gain insight into personal issues.

Each journal page includes a practical spiritual truth on which to meditate. Space is also provided to record requests, as well as, God's answers.